Manufacturing sectors such as the woodworking industry sit at the heart of the European economy and are key drivers of jobs and growth.

Wood For Growth is the name given to a cross industry European lobbying initiative to bring the benefits and ambitions of the wood processing industries to the attention of MEPs, European Commission and the Major European political institutions. Wood working and furniture industry are in the position to provide growth for the European economy, employment, environment and industry simultaneously and in a balanced way

As a major part of the EU Forest-Based Industries (FB-I), the European woodworking and furniture industry is theEU’s fifth largest manufacturing industry, contributing € 218bn to the European economy and generating over 2.1million jobs, many of which are found in rural areas.

We look forward to playing our part in helping Europe achieve the goal of increasing industry’s share of GDP to 20% by 2020. The woodworking industry has set itself the goal of increasing its total annual industrial output by 4%. Such an increase would contribute €2.35bn to the European economy, including €405 million per year in increased tax revenues for Member States while also creating 80,000 new jobs and reducing atmospheric CO2 emissions by an additional 150 million tonnes.

A favourable operating climate is essential for the woodworking industry to continue to deliver the jobs and the positive economic impact that comes with growth. To achieve this goal we would welcome your support on the following policy priorities.